Alpha Boy’s début album.

alpha boy

German Dreamwave producer Alpha Boy is finally ready to drop his début record, ‘Electronic Feelings’.

If you search electronic rumors for ‘Alpha Boy’ you’ll find quite a few of his tracks have been featured here, we’ve been a big supporter of Norman Knight’s take on retro synth music and most of those tracks we’ve featured appear on this collection alongside a few new tunes. From the album’s opener ‘Night Thunder’ you immediately get a sense of atmosphere from the tracks, Alpha Boy manages to keep his tunes dancey but also injects an emotional resonance into his music that whisks you away to wherever the subject matter of the tune is. Drawing from Dreamwave, Italo, 80’s instrumental Pop and ChipTune, Alpha Boy is about to drop 14 tracks that anybody into backward looking but forward sounding synth music should definitely seek out.

♫ Alpha Boy – Breath In

♫ Alpha Boy – Debbie’s Workout

Alpha Boy’s ‘Electronic Feelings’ is out soon.

Buy Alpha Boy’s music from:

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