Alpha Boy’s new EP


German producer of 80’s inspired electronic music Alpha Boy is back with a brand new EP, his third. It’s free too!

The ‘Fresh’ EP is four tracks of his particular mix of melodic synthesizer dance, Nu-Disco and ChipTune. The EP kicks off with ‘Chip Child’ and almost oriental arpeggio workout that leads into ‘Falkor’, a sweeping 80’s theme tune of a song. This is RoboPop heaven, deep machine basses underpin soaring cosmic lead lines in a track that is uplifting electro gold. ‘The Fresh Tape’ is more of a slow jam that is followed with ‘Walking On Light’, the EPs finale. ‘Walking On Light’ sends you off on a high combining retro electronics, Disco strings and a baroque feel in a track both banging and emotional.

Alpha Boy – Falkor

Alpha Boy – Walking On Light

You can download the whole ‘Fresh’ EP for free here.

Buy Alpha Boy’s music from:

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