Chromeo & Lifelike; together again


Lifelike’s reMix of Chromeo’s ‘Needy Girl’ was one of the musical highlights of 2008, now the meeting of minds is happening once more with Lifelike’s new reMix of Chromeo’s forthcoming ‘when The Night Falls’ single.

Featuring Solange of the Knowles clan, ‘When The Night Falls’ will be the last single from Chromeo’s amazing ‘Business Casual’ album. Lifelike add a nice sheen of Frenchness to the track with his trademark digital bass and a solid understanding of the Disco dancefloor. It’s the little touches, stabs and sound effects that really make this reMix a bit rad, keeping things energetic and bombastic.

♫ Chromeo (Feat. Solange) – When The Night Falls (Lifelike reMix)

Chromeo’s ‘When The Night Falls’ single is due to drop 25th July.

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