Bastille are a duo from LA who are making a bit of a name for themselves pumping out some good times Nu-Disco party jams.

They’ve just dropped their ‘Bumpin’’ EP, two years in the making, for free containing three tracks of summer fun to loose yourself in. If you like your basslines funky and your Disco with chopped-up horn sections then you’re gonna’ love ‘Bumpin’’. A pure French Disco House juggernaut, the horn riff alone is worth the price of admission but couple that with a killer bassline and you have Disco gold! ‘Wide Open’ slides the mood over into more of a Funk state of mind bringing severe guitar licks to the table and a flue solo that blows the top off the tune. All of the ‘Bumpin’’ EP is well worth your attention if you don’t hate fun.

Bastille – Bumpin’

Bastille – Wide Open

Download and hear the whole EP at Bastille’s SoundCloud page.

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