Cyndi Seui looses control

Cyndi Seui

Do you like your synths screaming, 80’s, and loaded with Funk? Of course you do!

Then you should check out the new track from Thai ElectroPop producer Cesar B. Be Guzman A.K.A. Cyndi Seui. Leaning heavily on the French Touch side of things, Cesar rocks the retro keys and vocoder with a Disco power reminiscent of ‘Discovery’ era Daft Punk. ‘Loose Control’ has all the elements you want in a weekend Nu-Disco tune to keep you dancing, in fact the tune was written exclusively for the opening of Bangkok Club DEMO.

♫ Cyndi Seui – Loose Control

‘Loose Control’ is available as part of a reMix series on Seui’s own Kitsch Cat Records alongside the likes of Justin Faust, Electric Youth and Edwin Van Cleef.

Buy Cyndi Seui’s music from:


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