Rimer London’s new single

Rimer London must be one of my favourite artists around, I love the way he creates a Disco groove without heading straight down the French Touch route.

Decidedly analog and synth geek heaven, Rimeroni Vumani’s sound is exemplified on his new single ‘Put Your Gun Away’ featuring Cata Pirata. The third from his self-titled album. It’s quirky analog SynthPop with a Moroder-esque Disco vibe. From the infections riff to the vintage drums, the track conjures up images of Rimeroni surrounded by keys and wires creating dancefloor gold. There’s also a lot of fun to be had with the video, you can watch the original version here, and then had on over to Magnetron Music’s special site to become part of the video yourself.

Rimer London (Feat. Cata Pirata) – Put Your Gun Away

Buy Rimer London’s music from:


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