The melodic Indie end of Dreamwave, NightWaves, are in the process of finishing up their début album, but while that goes on NightWaves/Binary main man Josh is also expressing himself in the form of his brand new solo project Goldroom.

Cool licks, dreamy synths and Josh’s heartfelt vocal style are the order of the day here. The three tracks josh has unleashed on the world vary in sound, from the Funk tinged Indie-Dance of ‘Morgan’s Bay’ to the DiscoPop of ‘Nights In Nantes’, but the vibe running throughout is the epitome of Binary. One of summer days, late nights and good times, and that vibe ties the tracks together nicely. It’s kinda’ a sweet mix of influences actually, there’s a Disco groove, some nice Indie licks, some bits of 80’s Pop and R&B, all wrapped up in a atmospherically evocative package. Goldroom could be the new soundtrack to your summer city nights.

Goldroom – Morgan’s Bay

♫ Goldroom – City Girls

♫ Goldroom – Nights In Nantes

Check out Goldroom on SoundCloud.

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2 comments on “Goldroom

  1. I’m not as up on the Binary label as you obvi are, but that also sounds a lot like the dude from LexiconDon.

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