Short Circuit’s début EP

More Short Circuit! This week he’s the hardest working man in RoboPop™!

I can’t believe this is his début EP! Short Circuit tracks have been a staple in my mp3 player for what seems like years now but nonetheless here it is. The ‘Late Night Drive’ EP is six tracks of the kind of Electro vocoder Funk that we’ve come to expect from SC and it’s only when presented with a collection like this that we realised how eager we’ve been for fresh Short Circuit material. The EP kicks of with the LexiconDon collaboration ‘Nothing’s On The TV’ which we first heard on LexiconDon’s ‘The Secret’s Out’ mixtape last October, it’s a amped up chant-along ElectroPop tune with sets up the listener for Short Circuit’s particular style of smooth Electro-Disco with a raw, or edgy, production quality that gives it that unique SC sound. Following on is ‘Get Up’, which takes a Rock arrangement and applies that to a string tinged ElectroPop tune to powerful effect. We were hoping that ‘How We Speak’ would put in an appearance on the EP, featured briefly in this live video that premiered last week and seems to be the spiritual successor to Short Circuit’s now classic ‘Let Go’ with similar strong bassline and Andrew’s RoboVox™ that get stuck in your brain, this time with added cowbell!

Short Circuit – How We Speak

‘Keep It Together’ draws things back to a laid back tempo for some heavy vocodered Electro-Funk before ‘Charmed’ reminds you where Short Circuit came from, being the quintessential Binary dancefloor tune. The title track, ‘Late Night Drive’ ends the EP on an epic retro-Electro note and seems to nicely sum up the EP, more heavy bass and vocoded vocals leading into soaring synth leads with an almost cinematic feel. Overall the EP is exactly what we wanted from Short Circuit but at the same time a lot more diverse than we were expecting. ‘Late night Drive’ is satisfying, and pleasantly surprising.

‘Late Night Drive’ is released 23rd May on Binary Entertainment.

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