DMX Krew’s ‘The Game’ EP

EDMX A.K.A the almighty DMX Krew had to rank as one of my all time favourite artists, whether he is rocking his experimental tracks, his B-Boy Electro or his ElectroPop he always drops something pretty special.

His latest EP  release, ‘The Game’ is a return to something a little more ElectroPoppy for DMX Krew, with a hint of Moog Disco thrown in for good measure. The title track is the kind of deep analog ElectroPop with the observational, and slight introverted lyrics that made us fall in love with DMX Krew in the first place. The best way to describe EDMX’s Pop tunes is if a quality BedroomPop artists had been brought up spinning on his back on some lino down the subway in the 80’s. With ‘Disco Theme’ he turns his talents to some solid electronic groove for three minutes of arpeggio driven 70’s synth funk. Pure genius, and a welcome return to the popper side of EDMX.

DMX Krew – The Game

DMX Krew – Disco Theme

That right there is 128kbps, you can purchase the full quality release when the EP drops on 29th January on Permanent Vacation. Do it!

DMX Krew @ Beatport

DMX Krew @ Juno

DMX Krew @ 7Digital

DMX Krew @ Amazon

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