The return of Tigersapien! (they’re ‘Not Dead’)

Wow, that was an unexpected email! It’s been nearly two years now since Philadelphia based ElectroPop Punksters Tigersapien set out little corner of the music blogosphere on fire with their raucous brand of Electro. They dropped an awesome EP, titled ‘EP’, then seemingly disappeared, so when I checked the electronic rumors Inbox and there was an email from Tigersapien, I took notice!

Well, it seems the Tigers have dragged themselves from their favourite strip joints to get together a new EP ready to drop this coming January and they’ve dropped off the first track, fittingly called ‘Not Dead’.

‘Not Dead’, is exactly the Tigersapien we remember. This track is bordering on EBM, in it’s arpeggios, but mashed up with a health dose of noisy Electro and a rock ‘n’ roll swagger and that live rawness that ran through their last EP. If you like your ElectroPop punky or your ElectroPunk poppy, then Tigersapien are for you.

Tigersapien – Not Dead

Tigersapien’s new EP, ‘Clean Lines’, is coming 11th January 2011.

Tigersapien @ Beatport

Tigersapien @ Amazon

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