The Human League: ‘Night People’ is here!

The Human League are back! And they’re taking names and kicking ass!

Ever since the announcement that The League has signed to Mark Jones’ Wall Of Sound label we’ve been eagerly awaiting the fruits of that union, and here we have it! The first single from their upcoming ‘Credo’ album, ‘Night People’!

We were right in our previous assessment, there is something of ‘The Sound Of The Crowd’ about it. It’s sounding both really 80’s, and pretty contemporary too. Almost like a modern reMix of a classic The Human League track. The second half of the song is particularly epic when it evolves from early THL sounding chants to a sweeping finale.

It’s so good to have them back!

The Human League – Night People (Album Version)

‘Credo’ is due out in March 2011 preceded by the ‘Night People’ single which will feature reMixes from Cerrone, Mylo, The Emperor Machine and Villa.

Stay tuned, the video is premiering on Monday.

The Human League @ Beatport

The Human League @ Juno

The Human League @ 7Digital

The Human League @ Amazon

Disclaimer: The Human League are probably my favourite band of all time, haha…

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4 comments on “The Human League: ‘Night People’ is here!

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  2. This is great! It has a feel that makes it seems like it would have been released around the time of “Boys & Girls!” Half-Travelogue, half-Dare, ALL WONDERFUL! Phil’s barking mad lyrics take me back to Reproduction! I’m really looking forward to this. The last two albums were great [the best since Dare] but this one has even more potential.

    • I know what you mean about the lyrics, if it was anyone else they would be shameful, but, y’know, it’s just Phil. Saw them live last week, heard some more stuff of the album, should be awesome!

  3. Where’s the CD single?

    There’s an mp3 download (ugh) and a limited release 12″ vinyl. Did I slip into an alternate universe where compact disc was never invented?

    Perhaps they’ll forget to release the album on CD too.

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