Victoria & Jacob

I stated on both Twitter and Facebook that I couldn’t be bothered to blog today ‘cos I had too much to do, my band is playing at a festival 5 hours away so I have to pack and stuff, and have too much to do in the real world.

Then an email lands in the electronic rumors Inbox. I almost didn’t read it, but I did. The music sounded interesting so I clicked the MySpace link only to find there was no music there. At this point I almost gave up, I have a bunch of synths and keyboard stands to dismantle and pack, but somehow I found my way to the band’s SoundCloud.

And, man, am I glad I did.

Victoria & Jacob are a Lo-Fi Indie-Electro/ElectroPop act from London who’s intimate toytown synth sound is slightly akin to BedroomPop but made grander by Victoria’s vocals soaring optimistically over the somewhat melancholy music. the immediate comparison in my head is to Venus Hum, but with more Englishness and less god.

The band are gearing up for the release of their second single (after a couple of self-released EPs), ‘Nighttime’, which promises to be more up tempo, we’ll bring you more on that when we can, until then do your self a favour and check out the duo’s last single ‘With No Certainty’, which is possibly the most beautiful piece of music I have heard all year.

♫ Victoria & Jacob – With No Certainty

One of the reMixes for the single is by electronic rumors favourite Bright Light Bright Light (who’s just been snapped up by PopJustice’s new label, nice one!) who produces an epic slice of Pop.

♫ Victoria & Jacob – With No Certainty (Bright Light Bright Light Uncertain reMix)

Zaflon bring the track to the dancefloor with their kick heavy reMix.

Victoria & Jacob – With No Certainty (Zaflon reMix)

I wasn’t going to blog today………

‘With No Certainty’ is out now.

Victoria & Jacob @ 7Digital

Victoria & Jacob @ Amazon

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