LexiconDon preview new material

Yesterday saw LexiconDon wrap up recording of their début long player. To celebrate the occasion they, and the good folks at Binary, are giving you a sneak peek at a new track.

‘December Sunset’ is a smoother and slicker song than we’ve heard from LexiconDon in the past and shows a maturing of their songwriting prowess. The guys have always seemed to write about everyday lives and loves rather than grand concepts and this track feels like the most genuine thing they’ve done to date. The music too, feels, somehow, more intimate and honest. Less distorted synths, more melody. SynthPop at it’s finest.

I’m sure the album will probably feature more of the raw, almost punky, Electro LexiconDon we are used to but if this is the way the band are evolving, the album could really be something special.

LexiconDon – December Sunset

The album, ‘Pink + Blue’ is due to drop 24th August on dubFrequency/Binary.

LexiconDon @ Beatport

LexiconDon @ Juno

LexiconDon @ 7Digital

LexiconDon @ Amazon

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