Well, after a couple of name changes (they had to stop using the last name for legal reasons) this Leeds based ElectroPop act have settled on their moniker; Detronik, and in doing so added impetus to their production schedule.

The trio, consisting of John Steed, Richy Spence and Liana Stokes, are currently working on their début album which they promise will be out October/November but we can give you a taster of what to expect in the form of a demo version of ‘My Girlfriend Likes Girls’, which is a brilliant slice of upbeat ElectroPop and shows off Detronik’s dry sense of humour, ‘My Girlfriend Likes Girls’ is genuinely funny.

Detronik – My Girlfriend Likes Girls (Demo.) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Detronik don’t seem to conform to either Clubby ElectroPop or Indie-Electro, rather they seem to walk a line between the two.

Show them some MySpace love as you wait for the album release!

Detronik @ MySpace

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