Little Boots Vs. Phil Oakey clip!!!


Last week we reported that The Human League’s Phil Oakey would be lending his vocals to a track on Little Boots début album. Well, now you can have yourself a tiny teaser of what that will hold.

Little Boots (Feat. Phil Oakey) – Symmetry (Edit) (Clip) (zShare) (MediaFire)

There’s not much to hear, it cuts off before the chorus, but it is just fantastic to hear Victoria and Phil in the same song. Exiting stuff indeed!

Over on Little Boots’ blog she has posted her thoughts regarding the track listing for the album, which currently stands at:

‘Stuck On Repeat’
‘New In Town’
‘Tune Into My Heart’
‘Symetry’ (Feat. Philip Oakey)
‘Not Now’
‘Hearts Collide’

‘Love Kills’ is no great loss but I would like to see ‘Mathematics’ in there.

Little Boots @ Beatport

Little Boots @ 7Digital

Little Boots @ Juno

Little Boots @ Amazon

4 comments on “Little Boots Vs. Phil Oakey clip!!!

  1. A bit spooky this — Little boots sounds like Susanne Sulley and looks like a very young Susanne Sulley, wonder if thats why phil has done this.

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