[Audio] GotSome’s ‘Vibe Out’



Bristol Bass merchants GotSome are about to hammer home their new single, the follow up to last year’s clubland destroying Bassline. This new tune sees the duo teaming up with notorious festival hater and humourless narcissist Wiley to produce an absolutely massive slice a speaker shaking that is likely to see them have their first (and much deserved) cross-over hit. This is Vibe Out.

This one is heavy, so make sure you system is turned right up. Robotic beats and razor sharp bass dominate the tune that mixes a little Dancehall and a little Grime into a terminator style Bass House juggernaut. GotSome live up to their manifesto, this one is all about the bassline The duo tease you for over a minute before unleashing, layered with buzzing synths and rumbling subs, the big bass that powers the festival dancefloor powerhouse that is Vibe Out.

♫ GotSome (Feat. Wiley) – Vibe Out

GotSome’s Vibe Out is released 22nd February.

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