[Download] DNKL’s ‘Warm Dark Night’ reMixed by VUURWERK



Warm Dark Night originally appeared on Swedish enigmatic SynthPop outfit DNLK’s recent Wolfhour EP and to commemorate their début UK live appearance (this Thursday at the Lexington in London) they are giving way this reMix of the track from Belgian electronic trio VUURWERK. Both acts lean toward the moodier side of the musical spectrum and this reMix sums that vibe up perfectly.

VUURWEK play around with gloomy tones booming bass to soundtrack the original’s vocals. Set to a shuffling, suffering beat, which has a swing not often found in this kind of music, the reMix adds some passionate female vocals to the mix and it heaps on ever more layers of noisy synth work. Gloomy and funky? A combination that works.

DNKL – Warn Dark NIght (VUURWERK reMix)

DNKL’s Wolfhour EP is out now

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