[Audio] Eumig & Chinon reMix Viceroy


Last week we previewed for you the new tune from San Francisco’s Viceroy and New York Disco Pop outfit Ghost Beach, While We’re In Love. Now check out one of the reMixes from the just release single package. This one comes from Danish Dreamwavers Eumig & Chinon.

It;s actually been a fair amount of time since we heard from these guys, it must be coming up to a year since they released anything,. We though they dropped of the map, but we’re pleased to discover they haven’t, and are still rockin’ just as hard as ever. If this is a comeback reMix, they comeback hard. Laying heavy Daft Punk-esque vocoders, chainsaw Disco synths and a juggernaut slap bass groove. All complementing Ghost House’s anthemic vocal to from a huge, peak time, Electro-Disco monster that is guaranteed to destroy dancefloors wherever it drops. A very welcome back to Eumig & Chinon.

Viceroy (Feat. Ghost Beach) – While We’re In Love (Eumig & Chinon reMix)

Viceroy’s While We’re In Love is out now.

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