Ugly Kids’ ‘Mercury Road’

Ugly Kids

The latest blistering release on Trashbag’s Tuff Em Up! label is this free single from Swiss duo Ugly Kids.  Tony Tran & Zoel Aeschbacher have steadily been releasing class reMixes over the past year or so, but with this début single they are about to make some sever impact on the Nu-Disco world.

Mercury Road is a lush synthetic Disco track that layers on thick retro synth after thick retro synth. It’s a blissful, dreamy tune, loaded with French Touch, that combines a floaty euphoric feel with a seriously tough groove. Probably the best straight up French Touch/Nu-Disco tune we have heard in a long time. Ugly Kids are definitely a name to keep an eye on in the future. The single also features a reMix from Conny G, from Renegade, who add a little more robo Funk to the tune, taking the track in more of a dirty Disco direction. If you listen to one track this week, this should be it.

Ugly Kids – Mercury Road

Ugly Kids – Mercury Road (Conny G. reMix)

You can download the Mercury Road single here.

Check out more from Ugly Kids on SoundCloud.