[Audio] Trevor Something’s ‘All Night’


Trevor Something

Mancunian artist Trevor Something is something of an cypher. A SynthPop singer/songwriter who’s bio if loaded with 80s references, to an overpowering extent. Mr. Something really want’s you to know he’s all about the greatest decade. But on listening to the music, whilst there is an obvious and distinct Futurist and Post-Punk influence, we can’t help but feel that Trevor Something has more in common with the Chillwavers of this world than the SynthWave/Dreamwave or 80s revivalist crowds. Not that that is, at all, a bad thing.

Take is tune All Night, it’s a lush, swirling, reverb drenched electronic dream. Obviously, the 80s references are all there, the Dave Gahan tone to the vocals, the B-Boy beats in the breakdown, the melancholy harmonies playing against a catchy chorus, but there’s an overall vibe that would see Trevor Something sitting more comfortably on a label like Cascine than Rosso Corsa. All Night is a hypnotic and intoxicating track that demands repeated listening. The pairing of the deep pulsating bass and the hazy synths and machine beat deliver an odd combination of the robotic and the soulful, with the vocals playing a big part in the latter. Trevor Something is definitely a name to keep an eye on.

♫ Trevor Something – All Night

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