[Download] Jordan F & Rromarin’s ‘Falling Like Diamonds’


Jordan f

Mr. Jordan F has been quite quiet for a while now, but the man; one of our favourite Australian producers, hasn’t been sitting on his hands. He;s been hard at work on a new EP that’s due out later this year. In advance of that release, he’s dropping a new single this week, Falling Like Diamonds, featuring the vocals of fellow Australian songstress Rromarin, of Melbourne’s Deja.

A sweeping synthesizer epic, Falling Like Diamonds. Although many of Jordan’s reMixes over the past couple of years have taken an experimental approach to electronic music, breaking the chains of his SynthWave roots, this new single is pure 80s bliss. Vintage drum machine dance beats, old school synths layered thick and that crystal clear production that Mr. F is so good at. Rromarin’s chilly vocals cut through the mix like a knife, her ethereal tones flowing through the track and adding depth to the sound. And exciting return to retro electro for Jordan F, and an exciting taste for his forthcoming Freefall EP.

Jordan F (Feat. Rromarin) – Falling Like Diamonds

Jordan F’s Falling Like Diamonds is released this week.

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