FM Attack reworks Richard Marx

richard marx

Pure gold! One of Canada’s best synth exports and one of our favourite producers FM Attack taking on Richard Marx 1987 power ballad début ‘Should Have Known Better’.

The wavy mullet’s voice with FM Attack’s sweet retro synths is a match made in heaven. No only does FM Attack provide a slick as hell ‘80’s sounding Electro backing that works the right bits of the song at the right time, but he also liberally applies some lush vocoding to Mr. Marx’s vocals. The whole thing shows a great respect to the original track, but take it so much further, to the point where you couldn’t listen to the original again without somehow feeling that the stuff here was missing. Powerful, uplifting, nostalgic synth awesomeness.

Richard Marx – Should Have Known Better (FM Attack 2012 Radio reMix)

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