Mirana is a new Swiss ElectroPop duo formed by the coming together of singer/songwriter Mirana and Anthony Hammer, who’s work you probably know as part of Dreamwave outfit Flashworx. The two are spurned on by a love of Italo and SynthPop and have developed a pretty authentic mid-80’s Italo sound.

They just let loose a bunch of demo tracks in anticipation of a couple of single followed by an album release later in the year. The highlights of the demos are ‘Dark Ride and ‘Don’t Forget’. ‘Dark Ride’ is a journey through European SynthPop, with a particularly classic sound that borrows a lot from German mid to late-’80’s EuroPop with a nice Flashworx sheen, the track is also a good introduction to Mirana’s voice, which reminds me a little of the likes of Dorine Hollier in that it has that certain Italo sound to it that is immediately associable with that era of electronic Pop music. This is prevalent even moreso in ‘Don’t Forget’, which takes an even greater Italo slant, which could actually be an undiscovered Euro gem from the late ‘80’s, albeit, again, with that slick Flashworx Dreamwave wash over it. We really enjoyed all the demo tracks Mirana sent us, they definitely have us eager to hear what the singles have in store for us.

Mirana – Dark Ride (Demo.)

Mirana – Don’t Forget (Demo.)

Check out more from Mirana on SoundCloud.