[MP3] Monarchy & Dita Von Teese reMixed by Mike Luck


Now enigmatic ElectroPop duo Monarchy’s amazing, Dita Von Teese featuring, comeback single Disintegration is finally out we can have a listen to the final reMix from the package. Alongside the awesome MiGHty mOUse rendition of the song comes this version from Dutch producer Mike Luck, and it’s a free download too.

It’s got a very 2007 Van She Tech remix feel to it, and that’s no bad thing. That driving, powerful arpeggiated bassline and pounding drums give it that vibe, a sound that actually works really well with Monarchy and Dita Von Teese’s bombastic vocals. Luck’s take on Disintegration injects it with an energetic urgency, it’s one of those tracks that would kick things up a gear on the dancefloor when it drops. A big, almost aggressive track, it makes a nice contrast to MiGHty mOUse’s groovier reMix. The combination of gritty snyths and dramatic synths is always a winner.

Monarchy (Feat. Dita Von Teese) – Disintegration (Mike Luck reMix)

Monarchy & Dita Von Teese’s Disintegration is released 15th January with reMixes from MiGHty mOUse and Mike Luck.

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