Meridians reMix Astrobal


French duo Meridians are back with a new reMix. Something a little different this time, a slo-mo Disco, late night reMix of Astrobal’s ‘Trains’.

Deep, absorbing grooves are the order of the day with this track. Hypnotic beats and synthetic soundscapes layer and build upon each other to create the base for this narcotic tune. Released as part of the ‘Astrobal Reworked’ reMix album Meridians have made the utterly right decision to keep, along with the dreamlike vocals, the VL-Tone-esque percussion for the future effect.

♫ Astrobal (Feat. Charlie Cole) – Trains (Meridians reMix)

‘Astrobal Reworked’ is out now.

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Meridians’ new single


Out this week is the brand new single from Meridians. A French duo who are putting their slightly quirky French Touch stamp on ElectroPop.

‘Desert Of Love’ is a sprawling, spacious, epic of a song that utilises so many different elements you wonder how they got it to sound so cohesive. But they did. Morphing effortlessly from Synthwave to Indie-Electro to Nu-Disco and back the track is full of unexpected instrumentation, but amongst all the eclecticness there’s a solid, summery, DiscoPop groove and a catchy tune. the flip side is ‘Cobra’, which is more of a full-on SynthWave/Electro-House soundclash that is both arresting and strangely emotive.

Meridians – Desert Of Love

Meridians – Cobra

Check out more from Meridians on SoundCloud. You can download the whole single there.