[Audio] Kosheen DJs’ ‘Take Me’



Released this week is the new EP from Bristol legends Kosheen darker, more dancefloor oriented, wing Kosheen DJs. Three tracks of pounding and unrelenting electronic groove that is highlighted by the EP’s lead track Take Me. Strap in for some bass heavy vibes.

Drawing as much from their Drum & Bass roots as they do hypnotic Deep House, Kosheen DJs Mark and Darren deliver a track that is involving and intoxicating. Rolling on low, pulsating bass grumbles the tune offers up a pallet of House stabs, 70s Spy Thriller notes and echoing vocal snatches that bob and weave around the relentless bass and kick groove like a lifeboat lost at sea. A full-on tune to loose yourself in on the dancefloor.

♫ Kosheen DJs – Take Me

Kosheen DJ’s Take Me EP is out now.

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