Goin’ Old School (with Kid Machine!): The Adventures Of Stevie V – Dirty Cash (Money Talks)

This week we are tuning over the Goin’ Old School reins to Manchester’s Italo/SynthWave guru Kid Machine:

The Adventures Of Stevie V – Dirty Cash (Money Talks) from 1989. “In here purely as a childhood memory and remember taking the 7″ to the school disco and all the kids were like ‘what the fuck’  LOVE IT!”

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Goin’ Old School (with Kid Machine!): Marzio Dance – You Can Do It

This week we are tuning over the Goin’ Old School reigns to Manchester’s Italo/SynthWave guru Kid Machine:

Marzio Dance – You Can Do It from 1984. “Looks like a proper disco, and he’s dressed for a proper disco (I’ve just found my new hairstyle for 2012′). Above all, the Marzio productions has been a great influence on me. Dark electronic slo-mo beats and ominous heavy, dusty basslines. Xenon ‘Adventure’ is my favourite but this live video is ace!”

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New tunes from Kid Machine

kid machine

Manchester’s Kid Machine is rapidly charging from being a SynthWave newcomer to being a UK Italo force to be reckoned with.

Getting major support recently from the likes of Italo mega-authority Flemming Dalum, Kid’s tracks are veering more and more into the late night Italo dancefloor and ‘80’s Sci-Fi TV theme territory as he hones his skills with robotic beats and dark futuristic atmospheres. Early next month sees the release of his ‘Dragon’ single on renowned Italo label Relux Rimini. Already getting some impressive mixtape support, ‘Dragon’ is pretty eagerly awaited round these parts. Until the single drops tide yourself over with this choice selection from Kid Machine’s recent prolific output. He truly is one of UK electronic music’s rising starts.

♫ Kid Machine – Return To Space (Demo.)

Kid Machine – Escape From Love (Demo.)

Kid Machine – Galaxia (Demo.)

Kid Machine’s ‘Dragon’ is released early December with a launch party planned in Manchester for January, keep an eye on Kid Machine on Facebook for details.

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Kid Machine’s ‘From Here to Eternity Mix’


Kid Machine – From Here to Eternity Mix = A storming, nearly two hours, of Italo insanity from Kid Machine including a couple of unreleased gems from the man himself.

Kid Machine – From Here to Eternity Mix

The tracklist:

01. Telex – Moskow Diskow  (French Version)
02. Magic Men – Popcorn
03. Sphinx – Collision (reMixed)
04. Hipnosis – Argonauts
05. Kex – Go Go Go (Kid Machine Edit)
06. Alexander Robotnick – Dance Boy Dance
07. 1000Ohm – Love In Motion (Instrumental)
08. Louis – Pink Footpath (Instrumental)
09. Sun La Shan – Catch (Dub Version)
10. Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity (1978 Spatial Disco Version)
11. Smiles.N.1.4 – Magnetic Dance
12. Hipnosis – Astrodance
13. Kid Machine – Dragon (Unreleased)
14. Kid Machine – ’84 (Unreleased)
15. Sissy – Queen Of Discotheque (Instrumental)
16. Cheaps – Moliendo Café
17. Dharma – Plastic Doll (reMixed Instrumental)
18. Klapto – Mister Game
19. Amin-Peck – Suicidal (Instrumental Version)
20. Talk Of The North – Such A Shame
21. Azul Y Negro – No Tengo Tiempo
22. Faxe – Time For Changes (Instrumental)

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Kid Machine’s ‘Cold Planet’


Kid Machine gets into a place where dark Italo and Cosmic Disco meet with his new tune ‘Cold Planet’

Premiered on Mr Flemming Dalum’s radio show this month, this track has got a really nice musical duality to it. On the one hand there is an aggressive, punchy rhythm section build upon sparse 80’s drums and an icy arpeggiated bassline, however this is tempered with layers of lush, sparking, synths that lend on optimism to the tune. ‘Cold Planet’’s authentic ‘80’s Italo sound is sure to strike a chord with all fans of SynthWave (or whatever it is calling itself this week).

Night drive on!

♫ Kid Machine – Cold Planet

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Kid Machine


Here’s the new track from Mancunian producer of all things retro synth Kid Machine.

It’s called ‘’85’, fittingly as this track could have been rocking Top Of The Pop’s in the mid 80’s, all smoke machine and green flashing lights. Taking elements from Italo and SynthPop Kid Machine has created a track that sounds genuinely authentic, right down to the production style. From the post-Kraftwerk Italo beats to the Belgian New Beat-esque lead line ‘’85’ is a slice of nostalgia that also manages to be fresh as hell.

♫ Kid Machine – ‘85

Check out more from Kid Machine on SoundCloud.