James Varnish (+ Lifelike & Murder One)

James Varnish is a newcomer to this thing we call ElectroPop. the Australian has just released his first single, ‘Compare’.

It’s a strong début, a little rough round the edges but shows a lot of promise. It’s sometimes hard to tell with premier singles, especially full of reMixes, but when Mr. Varnish finds his own voice, his own sound, he could defiantly be a player in the Electro game. He’s got quite a 90’s vocal style with a nice 80’s flair to the music, produced by fellow Melbourne resident Murder One, that combines to form a classic SynthPop sound. All-in-all is a pretty powerful first offering. Even more so is the reMix by Lifelike which is fairly low-down-dirty for a Lifelike reMix with a grungy groove and cut-up vocals.

♫ James Varnish – Compare (Murder One reMix)

♫ James Varnish – Compare (Lifelike reMix)

Check Mr. Varnish’s Facebook page for details of where to purchase the single.

James Varnish @ Facebook

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