iamamiwhoami’s ‘y’

iamamiwhoami (i.e. defiantly Jonna Lee now) have mostly stopped being mysterious, except with their releases (a succession of one track singles). It’s probably time for a proper release.

It would be welcome to, their latest track ‘y’ and it’s accompanying video are both things of beauty, like a head on collision between The Knife and Kate Bush.

‘y’ is out…y’know, whenever…some other tracks are out there though, all with single letter titles.

iamamiwhoami @ Amazon

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iamamiwhoami – O

I’m actually pretty amused that iamamiwhoami didn’t turn out to be anyone mega famous, even I thought it was Christina at one point. Turns out it’s most likely Swedish singer/songwriter Jonna Lee, but regardless of who it is, the first single is already out, released without fanfare, and in the end it’s just really good.

Icy synths, haunting vocals and videos just as weird as you would expect:

‘O’ was released this week.

iamamiwhoami @ Amazon

Goldfrapp are finally back (*really* this time!)


For various reasons I was kinda’ putting off posting this, but the internet is awash with it so just in case you readers haven’t heard it yet here it is, the new Goldfrapp single.

Just to be clear, I really didn’t like the last album, ‘Seventh Tree’, the whole pseudo-pagan Folktronica thing just didn’t float my boat, which was a pity as I loved Goldfrapp previously.

So, are my Goldfrapp back? Hell yes!, ‘Rocket’, the forthcoming single, is a sweet slice of Electro/Pop/Disco that is pure classic Goldfrapp. A huge sing-a-long chorus hangs on this late 70’s/early 80’s-esq sci-fi Disco tune with its big synth strings and New Wave bassline.

Goldfrapp – Rocket (zShare) (MediaFire)

It seems the rest of the internet loved ‘Folkfrapp’ and is disappointed by this track, but then again, the rest of the internet also appears to be American strokey-beardy indie/folk blogs who wouldn’t know a good dance tune if it smacked them head first onto the dancefloor, so fuck ‘em! This track rocks!

‘Rocket’ will be the first single from the album ‘Head First’.

Goldfrapp @ Juno

Goldfrapp @ 7Digital

Goldfrapp @ Amazon

P.S. I’m still not convinced iamamiwhoami is a Goldfrapp thing, despite denials I still kinda’ think it’s Christina Aguilera!