Pelerins are a duo from Istanbul who make some seriously funky ElectroPop. Infused with everything from Moog Funk to Nu-Disco, these guys are setting their sights on the more DiscoPop end of the spectrum, maybe even having a shot at Chromeo themselves.

They’ve got four un-mastered tracks up on SoundCloud, but even in this demo form, the tracks show off Pelerins’ sheer talent. these raw versions of their track are already head and shoulders above many producing a similar a style. In their masterful hands, the MiniMoog, the talkbox, the rich retro synths, all become something extra special. Their smooth blend of catchy ElectroPop and head nodding Disco and Funk is instantly infectious. From the get go you know you’re listening to something that you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the coming year. Our picks of their SoundCloud would have to be (gun to our head) Falling, a driving DiscoPop tune that mixes up the best Pelerins has to offer, call-an-response talkbox action, wicked Disco licks, stabbing retro synths and a butt shaking groove. Also Is This Love?, a slicker and more nostalgic affair that seems Pelerins show off more of their Dreamwave side with impassioned vocals playing against an biting synthetic Disco soundtrack. You absolutely must check out Pelerins. Turkey’s in the house!

♫ Pelerins – Feeling

♫ Pelerins – Is This Love?

Check out more from Pelerins on SoundCloud.

CFCF’s ‘Exercises’


Montreal based epic electronic producer CFCF is gearing up for the release of his now EP, ‘Exercises’, which will show a different side to Michael Silver. A more atmospheric side, driven by piano and layered synths. The first track released from the EP is ‘Exercise #3 (Building)’ and shows us what to expect.

So, less Balearic rhythms, more beautiful textures then. Channelling bits of Vangelis, Philip Glass and Ryuichi Sakamoto, ‘Exercise #3 (Building)’ is an journey across an electronic panorama with the listener as the passenger. Starting softly with the piano refrain the track gently guides you over a landscape of lush synth sounds, rising and falling and the sonic terrain changes. It’s a wonderful piece of evocative listening, and of the synth nerd among you, a heaven of interesting sounds.

CFCF – Exercise #3 (Building)

‘Exercises’ is released 24th April on Paper Bag Recordings.

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