[Download] Avec Sans reMixes Ecstasy’s ‘FRNDS 4 LYF’



Amazing London ElectroPop duo Avec Sans are turning their hands to reMxing more and more these days, which is a good thing, they always seem to come up with something that’s both Poppy and interesting, as they’ve done again with this reMix of British Indie-Duo, and generic-band-namers, Ecstasy’s tune FRNDS 4 LYF from their Exhale EP.

Chopping up the vocals and layering them over a machine beat and a popping hook, Avec Sans create a driving, energetic track with nods to both the harsher and the more melodic ends of the SynthPop spectrum. The lead synth riff alone is worth the price of admission, backed up by the rest of the track stomp-worthy Industrial grind tempered by an irresistible groove and a hint of a Post-Punk bassline. It;s a melting pot of references that all works perfectly in the end.

Ecstasy – FRNDS 4 LYF (Avec Sans reMix)

Ecstasy’s Exhale EP is out now.

Check out more from Ecstasy on SoundCloud.