[Audio] MiGHty mOUse reMixes Decibels



Last week we presented the reMix of UK Electro-Art-Poppers Decibels’ Regulator/Moderator from Earl Grey, here’s the other inclusion, in a pretty stunning reMix package, that had us excited. It’s a version turned in by MiGHty mOUse. Standing out alongside work from Bufi, Tronik Youth, Discotexas head honcho Mr. Mitsuhirato and Earl Grey is no mean feat, but the mOUse gets cosmic freaky with this one. Prepare to go deep down the mOUse hole.

Setting things up in pretty eerie style, MiGHty mOUse goes for a slow build crafted from mysterious tones and spine-tingling synths before launching into a deep, hypnotic track that blurs the lines between Cosmic Disco, Nu-Disco and Deep House. Giving the vocals a House twist, the mOUse lawyers them over a thrumming bassline and warehouse beat peppered with Disco licks and galactic keys. An otherworldly slab of Boogie for you.

♫ Decibels – Regulator-Moderator (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Decibels’ Regulator/Moderator is out now.

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[Audio] Earl Grey reMixes Decibels’ ‘Regulator/Moderator’



British Electro-Art-Poppers Decibels continue to plunder the rich treasures of the UK Nu-Disco and House worlds for reMix talent as this week they released their new single, Regulator/Moderator, whose list of reMixers reads like a whos who is the movers and shakers on the scene. Alongside work from the likes of Bufi, Tronik Youth and Discotexas head honcho Mr. Mitsuhirato and MiGHty mOUse comes this huge tune from Earl Grey. Hold tight!

Mr. Ashenden dives head first into left-field House with his work on this one. Playfully weaving a track around a pulsating bass beat, that gets kinda’ hypnotic by the end of the tune, the Earl of Grey braps out with intertwining waves of synth effects and snatched melodies. The Slo-Mo tempo carries over to the modulated vocals, taking on an almost eerie quality while the track transfixes you for it’s four and a half minute duration.

♫ Decibels – Regulator/Moderator (Earl Grey ‘Aurora Borealis’ reMix)

Decibels’ Regulator/Moderator is out now.

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[Audio] Decibels’ ‘Ruza’, with Holmes Price and Tronik Youth reMixes


Next month, British Electro-Art-Poppers Decibels release their new single. Ruza is a follow-up to last year’s acclaimed The Lesser, which received a fir bit of coverage and airplay. Ruza builds of that success to deliver a confident sequel that’s sure to fine appreciation amongst Indie and Electro fans alike, and with Holmes Price, Tronik Youth and Skeleton Army stepping up for reMix duties, there’s something for everyone.

Ruza is an ecclectic tune. Reminiscent of Hot Chip at their most playful with Clock Opera as their backing band. A rowdy orchestra of  rolling basslines and random percussion, all complimented with buzzing synths and rich pads. A listless vocal just adds to the breezy IndiePop feel, expect to be hearing this tune, a lot, over festival season. Holmes Price takes that airy groove and runs with it, whipping up a Tropical injection with a classic House core. If the original is a track for hot sunny days, this mix if for the nights that follow. Tronik Youth, on the other hand, take the track to a slightly grittier place with raw beats and riffs straight out of a grimy London warehouse. Joining them on the release is a classy House mix from Skeleton Army to complete a solid package. Look out for this one.

♫ Decibels – Ruza (Radio Edit)

♫ Decibels – Ruza (Holmes Price reMix)

♫ Decibels – Ruza (Tronik Youth Mix)

Decibels’ Ruza is released 15h April on Nein Records.

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