Billie Ray Martin does Cabaret Voltaire


OK, so Billie Ray Martin has a couple of new EPs/mini-albums coming out in the next couple of months. There are a couple of interesting angles to this story but one in particular that got my  interest.

Billie Ray first came to my attention back in ‘80ish with her work with Electribe 101, since then she has amassed a large body of work including both Dance hits and more experimental electronic tracks For her latest EPs she is taking the pioneering step of releasing tracks officially through the Torrent site Mininova in the lead up to the official release.

What got me though, was the tracks themselves. Ms. Martin is dropping her reworkings of Cabaret Voltaire’s double A side ‘Just Fascination’/’Crackdown’, two of my favourite tracks by one of my favourite bands. So it was with some trepidation that I checked the tunes, and they are good! Not only are they reworking but ‘Crackdown’ features none other than Cab’s vocalist himself Stephen Mallinder.

Here we can present, for you, two reMixes of the tracks. ‘Just Fascination’ by Celebrity Murder Party who take a more semi-experimental approach turning the track into a danceable noisescape while ‘Crackdown’ is reMixed by David Harrow who’s Oicho mix is a deep,  analog synth laden, dubby take on the track.

Billie Ray Martin – Just Fascination (Celebrity Murder Party reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Billie Ray Martin – The Crackdown (Oicho reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

You can hear the original here on YouTube. The first EP is out 15th February on Disco Activisto

Billie Ray Martin @ Beatport

Billie Ray Martin @ Juno

Billie Ray Martin @ 7Digital

Billie Ray Martin @ Amazon