[Audio] Dart Party’s ‘Going My Way’


dart party

Released late last week was the début single from Queens based producer Dart Party. Dart Party is the latest signing to Crazy Heart Records, the imprint owned by Ghost Beach, and for that reason we were debating featuring the track as we have zero respect for Ghost Beach after they used the very serious debate around artists being fairly compensated for their hard work in a cheap PR stunt to sell their latest record. They, and their American Eagle Outfitters paid-for billboard in Times Square set musicians arguments back a few years, essentially shitting on their ‘fellow’ musicians in an attempt to get e few more YouTube hits. It was an absolute joke that showed how little respect Ghost Beach has for music. However, Dart Party’s Going My Way is so good, you should ignore his label connotations and just sink into this luscious deep Disco and House goldmine.#

It’s Going My Way’s bassline that really grabs you here. A punchy retro synth bass that dominates the track and imbues it with a bouncy, yet gritty, vintage funk. It’s deep, but not Deep House deep, moreover it’s warm and enveloping, a sound to get lost in on the dancefloor. The spacious, distant vocal snatches lend the track a warehouse flavour. Going My Way, is a severely solid début that is well worth checking out. (Apologies for the Ghost Beach rant, they pissed off a lot of musicians though. Put it this way, if they annoy us that much and we still write about an artist on their label, then that artist must be pretty special!)

♫ Dart Party – Going My Way

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