THISISNOTANEXIT’s summer sampler

You’ve gotta’ love THISISNOTANEXIT records really. If you’re into any kind of interesting electronic music they have something for you. Whether you dig straight ElectroPop, Space Disco or something a little more experimental or eclectic they have you covered.

This week they are releasing the ‘THISISNOTANEXIT Summer Sampler EP 2010’ showcasing the varied talent on their roster.

Amongst the EP you will find Faze Action adding some badass analog Disco to Hatchback’s ‘Jetlag’, featuring some of the funkiest synth bass you will ever hear. Indie-Electro troupe Detachments drop a reMix of their well known track ‘The Flowers That Fell’ by Urlaubshits who bring a dark dance element to the table and New York ElectroPop dude The Dark Esquire teaming up with Club Silencio for a dirty, deep and gritty track titled ‘You Got To Look’

♫ Hatchback – Jetlag (Faze Action reMix)

♫ Detachments – The Flowers That Fell (Urlaubshits Minimal Rave Mix)

♫ Club Silencio (Feat.The Dark Esquire) – You Got To Look

Currently available as a digital exclusive at Juno the EP hits other download stores in two weeks.

Not keen on mp3’s, fancy a bit of flat black plastic with a hole in the middle? Well, THISISNOTANEXIT are trialling a scheme where folks who want the EP on vinyl can pledge to pay £10 for the release. If 100 people all pledge £10 then they will have a limited edition of 100 12”s pressed for those that wanted it (if they don’t get 100 pledges then the pressing doesn’t go ahead and no one gets charged). Register your interest at this link:

The EP can currently be downloaded from Juno, it’s a good starting point to investigate what THISISNOTANEXIT has to offer.





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Parallels; Ultralight


I love Toronto, and if you look closely enough there is some great Electronic music to be found there. Parallels (who you may remember from Kitsuné Maison 8) are at the top of the Toronto scene Featuring ex-Crystal Castles drummer Cameron Findlay, Holly Dodson and Joey Kehoe, the band are about to drop a rerecorded version of their single from last year ‘Ultralight’ with a huge reMix package on THISISNOTANEXIT records

As soon as this new Album Version of ‘Ultralight’ kicks in with it’s synth bass you just know it’s gonna’ be good. The Moroder-esq arpeggios drive the song into a wonderfully 80’s chorus that you just can’t resist. Parallels have mated to sound authentically retro without descending into any kind of parody or exaggeration. I really could be taping this off of Top Of The Pops!

Speaking as someone who has been into Electro/Synth music (mostly SynthPop) all my life, it’s tracks like this that just put such a huge grin on my face!

Club Silencio’s moody Dub tinged Disco kicks off the reMix line up that also features Detachments’ robo-invasion, which is a cool reMix that warps the track and reminds me of early Cybotron tracks like R-9. Also featured is fellow SynthPopper The Dark Esquire who brings his style of deep synthetic Pop to the package.

Parallels – Ultralight (Album Version) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Parallels – Ultralight (Club Silencio Rmx) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Parallels – Ultralight (Detachments Rmx) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Parallels – Ultralight (The Dark Esquire Re-Version) (zShare) (MediaFire)

What can I say?, the reMixes are good, but it’s the album Version that has made my listening day! The EP drops 8th February, buy it!

Parallels @ Beatport

Parallels @ Juno

Parallels @ 7Digital

Parallels @ Amazon

UPDATE: Simon from THISISNOTANEXIT has stopped by to let us know you can order the 12″ here.