[Video] Chvrches’ ‘Lies’


CHVRCHES   Lies   YouTube

Chvrches appear to be releasing videos in reverse order to singles. So here we are, a couple of months after their stunning first album The Bones Of What You Believe was released, with the video for their début song, from summer last year, Lies.

The clip was directed by Sing J. Lee. Like the Recover video it’s pretty Sci-Fi, and seems to have been put together by someone who actually got the song, a rarity these days.

Chvrches début full length record, The Bones Of What You Believe, is out now.

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[Video] Chvrches’ ‘The Mother We Share’


CHVRCHES   The Mother We Share   YouTube

Well, this is a pleasant surprise for the start of the week. Glaswegian ElectroPop heroes Chvrches second single, The Mother We Share, from way back in September 2012, and one of their best tunes to date, has suddenly got a music video.

We also think that this is our favourite video of their to date too.

Chvrches The Mother We Share is out now. Their début full length record, titled, The Bones Of What You Believe, is released 23rd September.

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Chvrches’ new single


OK,  Chvrches, what’s the deal with the ‘v’. You never used to have it, your SoundCloud username used to be ‘churchestheband’.  I really think we all need a say in this. I mean, if I’m going to be writing about you more, and I imagine I will be, I need to know if I have to use the ‘v’. Is that just a stylised thing, or is that actually how you are spelling Churches now? It’s like CHEW LiPS all over again.

Chvrches new single, their second song after the stunning Lies, is The Mother We Share, and while Lies seems to bubble up slowly through the internet, the announcement of this new track seemed to break the blogosphere for a time. This is a good thing. If an bands around right now deserves some blogosphere breaking attention it’s Chvrches. The Mother We Share is a nice mixture of bright, but brooding electronics tempered by Lauren Mayberry’s sweet vocal. A tad more euphoric than the industrial stomp of Lies, showing a different facet to Chvrches. There is no doubt in our minds, Chvrches are going to be huge.

♫ Chrvches – The Mother We Share

I’ll tell you what, Chvrches, lets make a deal. You get to keep the ‘v’ if you promise never to use a △? Sound good?

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Churches’ ‘Lies’ video

Here’s the new video from Scottish ElectroPop hopefuls ChurchesLies. A track we were sure would have been released by now.

It’s a nicely shot bit of footage from a gig at Glasgow Art School that works well as a video for this Minimal Synth/rapturous Pop line-walker.

Check out more from Churches on SoundCloud.