[Audio] Bodhi’s ‘Imperfection’



Due out next month on Future Classic is the new single from Cardiff based producers Bodhi. these two 25 year olds are venturing out this month, supporting Bondax of their upcoming UK tour, a pair of sounds the go perfectly together. Back with No More, the single, Imperfections, mixes a Deep, Techy, House sound with soulful vibes.

With a shuffling Garage House beat, Imperfections is a dancefloor controller. Drop this tune and the whole crowd will be lost in dance. A hypnotic, bass driven tune that permeates every part of you for it;s five minute length. Melodically used vocal snatches ride a pulsing bassline and a slowly, but methodically building wave of synths. Awesome midnight music.

♫ Bodhi – Imperfection

Bohdi’s Imperfections/No More single is released 14th October.

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