[Audio] Bloodgroup’s ‘Fall’


You may, not may not, remember Icelandic Experimental ElectroPop outfit Bloodgroup from their 2007 début album Sticky Situation. At the time they ware completely unfairly dismissed by a lot of the music press as a poor-man’s The Knife, mostly by journalists completely uneducated in electronic music (they may as well have said “all this electronic stuff sounds the same”), but one listen to the follow up album, Dry Land, and tracks like the album’s lead single, My Arms, immediately displayed an avant-garde SynthPop identity of their own. The four piece are back for 2013 with a third album, Tracing Echoes, heralded by it’s inaugural single, Fall.

Fall is a beautiful piece of rousing tundra-Pop. A quiet manner and a build of intricate rhythms and gently tones belie quite an epic, anthemic, song. Warping synth pulses and icy pads form an interesting contrast to the heartfelt vocals giving you the best of two worlds in one track. Both experimental, and Poppy, Fall bodes well for the album.

♫ Bloodgroup – Fall

Bloodgroup’s Tracing Echoes is released in March.

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