[Video] Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’


Goldroom   Embrace  Official Video    YouTube

Embrace is one of Dreamwave salty sea dog Goldroom’s finest moments. The Ariela Jacobs vocalised tune is pure summertime bliss, so the presence of a video for the track is like the icing on the cake.

In typical Goldroom fashion, the clip is all hazy nostalgia. Directed by Carlos Nunez, it’s like a sunbeam on video.

Goldroom’s Embrace is out now.

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[Audio] Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’



Here it is! The new one from Dreamwave O.G., Beach party starter, and Disco sailor Goldroom. As usual this is a reason to prick up your ears as it’s always interesting to see what new styles Josh is going to pull from his bag of tricks. So in the interests of begging interesting, we’re going to briefly talk about this new record and we promise not to mention any kind of weather, not once!

Ariela Jacobs is the voice you will hear on Embrace, she’s a new name to us but the Australian songstress wins us over almost immediately with a warm, impassioned performance. Goldroom brings us a comforting symphony of stabbing synths, smokey pads and a House hook that does it’s job well (i.e. hooks you in). Peppering with synth zaps and drum rolls that seems to pull you with them, Josh, more than many of his contemporaries, really uses the array of electronic sounds at his disposal to create a truly emotional mood. True synthesizer artistry. Also, summer. Damnit!

♫ Goldroom (Feat. Ariela Jacobs) – Embrace

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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