[Audio] Black Strobe’s ‘The Girl From The Bayou’ reMixes

Black Strobe

This week Aranud Rebotini’s awesome Black Strobe release their Swamp Rock Disco monster, The Girl From The Bayou. The dirty Southern groove comes in a loaded remix package that hold a host of different, deep, takes on the song. Brioski, Crackboy, Pharao Black Magic, Heim, Rambla Boys and Holmes Price all deliver the goods in a varied release.

The Pharao Black Magic mix is the standout for us. The Swiss duo brighten up the track a bit with their breezy, relaxed Disco version. Laid back, but with a solid funk, PBM pump out a catchy hook and work sparsely used vocals and guitar into a hypnotic mantra. Rambala Boys’ early 90s House effort mixes up a deep, deep, rhythm section with a bright arpeggio line that feels instantly nostalgic. Keeping that ominous guitar line lends the mix an enigmatic quality whilst keeping things classy. Our final favourite comes from west country Boogiemeister Holmes Price. Price turns-in the most Disco dancefloor friendly of the reMixes, building his groove around a swinging snippet of the guitars and sweeping Cosmic synths and vintage drums. It;s a pretty pleasing reMix package that seems to have something from everyone.

♫ Black Strobe – The Girl From The Bayou (Pharao Black Magic Rmx)

♫ Black Strobe – The Girl From The Bayou (Rambla Boys Rmx)

♫ Black Strobe – The Girl From The Bayou (Holmes Price Rmx)

Black Strobe’s The Girl From The Bayou is out now.

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