[Download] Allie X’s ‘Catch’


Allie X

We were debating whether to post this début tune from Canadian artist Allie X, it;s been pretty much all over the internet, the music blogosphere and the popular music press for the last week. Can we say anything more? Probably not, but the more we pondered whether to post the more we listened to it, and the more we listened to it, the more we came to terms with the fact that we couldn’t not post it. So here it is.

It’s called Catch, and it’s already seen Allie being compared to Chvrches. Whilst we really don;t see that comparison, that doesn’t stop it being amazing. It sounds like a hybrid of glossy American Pop and avant-guarde ElectroPop. It’s soulful, melancholically optimistic and loaded with twisted sounds. Amongst the growling synths and post R&B beats, Allie belts out one of the catchiest songs of the year so far. This is what happens when North Americans do UK style Alt-Pop properly. Exhilarating stuff.

Allie X – Catch

Check out more from Allie X on SoundCloud.