[Audio] ActRazer’s ‘The Return’



ActRazer, previously known as Actraier, I’m sure you’ll know is the moody, high-octane, alter-ego of Mr. Michael, better known as Miami Nights 1984. This side of Glover has been quite for a while now, years in fact, but he surprised the SynthWave world this week with the aptly title The Retrun, announcing his comeback to the fold. A majestic announcement it is too.

The Return, is all about bombastic, emotional, musical moments wrapped in a  SynthWave package. It ActRazer wanted to herald his restoration with the retro Electro equivalent of a fanfare he succeeded. Throughout it;s four and a half minute lifetime, The Return takes you on an expedition through various moods. From the deep, compelling synth bass and it’s ominous piano accompaniment, to the French Touch-esque chords, to the euphoric lead riff, ActRaizer still gives a nod to his 80s soundtrack music roots. Then, with about a minute and a half left, the shredding synth solo kicks off, and everything goes stratospheric.

♫ ActRazer – The Return

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