[Video] Ladyhawke’s ‘A Love Song’



There’s definitely a soft spot in my heart for New Zealand’s finest Indie-Electro export Pip Brown A.K.A Ladyhawke. Although her sophomore album, Anxiety, was a tad too Rocky for my tastes; her self-titled début (from way back in 2008) was the bomb. A slick and personal combination of funk-fuelled breezy ElectroPop with a dusting of New Wave layered over some truly catchy songs that spanned deeply heartfelt to party anthem. That album was in our headphones for a long time. And the reMixes, oh the reMixes! Modular really delivered, getting the top ‘Blog House’ producers of the day to work on the 12”s.

As mentioned, the second album was very good, just not-so-much my thing. A little too much emphasis on the guitars, a little less emphasis on the synths. There was some good songs in there, but the sound didn’t do much for me. So it was with a mixture of excitement and nervousness that I greeted the news that Pip was back with a third full length record.Titled Wild Things, the new album is due out on 3rd June via Polyvinyl and the first single from the LP is A Love Song. And it’s good.

A Love Song is upbeat and purely electronic, two things I wasn’t anticipating from Ladyhawke. The massive Pop chorus is unexpected, but not unwelcome ,making the synth bass heavy verses sound almost low-key in comparison as Pip quiet vocals deliver bittersweet lyrics over subtle beats and a slow build. Then the chorus happens; a big sing-a-long over huge sidechained leads. A Love Song has definitely got my attention again.

Check out the lyric video below. While I hate, hate, hate lyric videos, this one is kinda’ neat; featuring animation by Paul Robertson who Pip got in touch with after seeing his pixelated take on the Simpsons intro with it’s psychedelic couch gag.

Ladyhawke’s Wild Things is released 3rd June.

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