[Video] Makala Cheung’s ‘Feel The Rush’


Makala Cheung 張   Feel The Rush   YouTube

This is the new video from Bristolian dubby ElectroPop artist Makala Cheung. It’s been sat in my inbox for about a month now, which means I definitely missed the Chinese new year launch; but 2016 has been one of those year, and you know I’m not so focussed on ‘news’ anymore, so here we are. Better late than never.

Makala is creating some of the most interesting music around right now. Haunting and beautiful; her sound draws from both downtempo ElectroPop and oriental instrumentation to create something truly unique. Addin in Makala’s ethereal vocals just make the tunes all the more enigmatic.

Feel The Rush is a symphony of sparse Hip Hop beats, relentless synths and sparse strings whose shuffling patterns provide a broken soundtrack for Makala’s heartfelt lament.

The video is obviously inspired by Audition and is surprisingly lavish for a DIY artist, looking every bit as pro as it should. By taking it’s cues from Audition, it’s as creepy as it sounds and put a whole new haunting spin on the track itself.

Buy Makala Cheung’s music from:

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