[Awards] The electronic rumors Awards 2015: ELECTRONIC RUMORS’ 2015


Electronic Rumors 2015

Easy now! Before we crack on with the awards let’s take some time out to tip the cap to electronic rumors family. The loveliest, most talented (and woefully not eligible for the awards) bunch around.

It’s been a  bit of a weird year for the label. We haven’t released quite as much as we wanted to. A few pant-wettingly exciting projects got delayed due to unforeseen circumstances with was both frustrating and disappointing. However, on the bright side, that means 2016 is going to be mental. Watch this space for some absolutely killer releases coming up.

We kicked off 2015 by welcoming a new member for the Crew. Manchester’s Techniques had previously released on French tastemakers Kitsuné Music but came our way to drop their last single, the deep and funky Don’t You Want To Love?. We kept thing Manchester flavoured for the single with a variety of robotic reMixes from Weeva, The Sanfernando Sound and Kid Machine.

♫ Techniques – Don’t You Want To Love?

♫ Techniques – Don’t You Want To Love? (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

BeatLoaf kept things enigmatic with the Romantic single. A Detroit Techno washed Tech-House monster with a slow mechanical build that finally unleashes a juggernaut groove that owes as much to B-Boy Electro as it does House.

♫ BeatLoaf (Feat. Lomen) – Romantic

♫ BeatLoaf – Without You

We’d been wanting to release something with musical maestro Ali Jamieson for a while so it was particularly exciting to get our hands of the glorious Coffee Stain. Featuring London based soul single Raff; Coffee Stain is a masterclass in intricate Disco sounds. We added a little House, Italo and SynthWave flavour with reMixes from Black Magic Disco, Ben Macklin and Tommy ‘86.

♫ Ali Jamieson (Feat. Raff) – Coffee Stain

♫ Ali Jamieson (Feat. Raff) – Coffee Stain (Black Magic Disco reMix)

We rounded out the year with the début EP from newcomers Hippo Disco. This trio of Scots living in East Asia produce some rule-breaking, left-field Disco and House tracks. This sample laden four tracks of sweet abrasive grooves was released as a free download at the start of this month. The Bound EP has already been raising eyebrows.

♫ Hippo Disco – Raw

♫ Hippo Disco (Feat. Tiny Moon) – I Want More

It was another year of being completely humbled by the kind of talent that we get to work with. We love you all.

2016 should be a big one with the first few months seeing the releases of tunes we’ve been mentally excited about for what seems like ages. Hold onto your hats!

As always, you should definitely pick up some of this music, it all comes highly recommended and most can be purchased here:

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