[Audio] Benny & Gain’s ‘Approval’


Benny & Gain

The latest release on Pole Jam Vinyl, the awesome physical label from the fine folks at Pole Position Recordings and Glam Jam Artists, comes in the form of another groove packed compilation. This one features the talents of Cassara, Darko Kustura, and Benny & Gain, collectively titled the Lady Leopard EP. This one is our favourite on the record, coming from London production duo Benny & Gain, this is Approval.

The most laid back tune of the release, Approval is an enchanting five minute synthesizer odyssey. Sunrise Disco vibes with a carefree, hypnotic groove you can get lost in, Approval gently invites you to walk with it’s chilled Disco beats, lazy House keys and starshine lead lines. One for late nights or early mornings; Benny & Gain have delivered a slice of dance music bliss.

♫ Benny & Gain – Approval

The Lady Leopard EP is due out late March/early April. Pre-order the EP here.

Buy Benny & Gain’s music from:

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