[Audio] Lo-Fi-Fnk’s ‘U Don’t Feel The Same’



Swedish SynthPoppers Lo-Fi-Fnk have dropped another surprise new single. We weren’t even sure they were still active, but they recently announced their forthcoming new album, titled, Can You Feel It?, and here is the second single following November’s title track release. This one’s called U Don’t Feel The Same, high octane stuff.

The duo turned trio serve us a monstrously sizes slice of ScandiPop on this one. U Don’t Feel The Same is a sprawling ElectroPop that in it’s three and a half minutes length offers up breakbeats, Chillwave synths, cheeky little riffs, and introspective vocals all on one track. It’s a bit of a Frankenstein of electronic styles, but the pull it off with seemingly effortless ease. Loaded with Lo-Fi-Fnk’s unique brand of Swedish quirkiness, U Don’t Feel The Same is Indie-Electro excellence.

♫ Lo-Fi-Fnk – U Don’t Feel The Same

Lo-Fi-Fnk’s U Don’t Feel The Same is out now.

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