[Audio] Kate Boy’s ‘Higher’


Kate BOy

The best (in our opinion) live act around right now and Scandinavia’s top ElectroPop act at the moment, Kate Boy, have just released a new EP collecting all the track from their single’s to date.  Northern Lights, The Way We Are, Open Fire and Self Control are present and correct in all their epic SynthPop glory; alongside which we are treated to a new track. A long-time live favourite, this is the anthemic Higher.

Higher is always the nexus point of Kate Boy’s live set, part anthem, part manifesto; it’s the pivotal point the show revolves around. The perfect balance of melancholic music and euphoric, optimistic vocals; Kate Boy’s trademark juggernaut drums and powerful, rhythmic synths drive the track along, but this one is all about the vocals. Anyone who has seen them live will get chills, anyone who hasn’t will be looking forward to when they will be able to.

♫ Kate Boy – Higher

Kate Boy’s Kate Boy EP is out now.

Buy Kate Boy’s music from:

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