[Download] Polygrim’s ‘Memories That Hurt’



Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Dzitsiuk A.K.A. Polygrim has just hopped on-board with the Synth Records posse for the release of his latest offering. The Pivot EP is seven tracks of intricate electronic beatscapes (yup, just invented the word ‘beatscapes’, deal with it), the lead track on the EP being Memories That Hurt. Check it out.

Memories That Hurt perfectly shows off Polygrim’s skills. It neatly delivers on two levels. One is a hazy and dreamlike synthesizer odyssey, layered with rich pads and warbling leads, the other compelling future R&B beats and rolling basslines. The result is very a Röyksopp-esque symphony sound. Memories That Hurt is quite the narrative composition, laying out a story as it’s densely packed arrangement unfurls. Definitely one to check out if your a lover of chilled synthesizer music.

Polygrim – Memories That Hurt

Polygrim’s Pivot EP is out now.

Buy Polygrim’s music from:

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