[Audio] The Singles’ ‘Candy’


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to music; her past works have included an album of Tom Waits cover version and a collaboration with Pete Yorn that drew it’s influence from Serge Gainsbourg. The next feather in her music cap comes in the form of her new girl-group, The Singles. Featuring Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris and Julia Haltigan alongside Scarlett herself, and Este from Haim on studio drums, The Singles is Johansson’s take on saccharine Indie-ElectroPop. Or as she calls is “super-pop”. Colour us intrigued.

Although topically Candy is as saccharine as it gets, musically it;s actually a lot more ecclectic than it’s ‘super-pop’ alignment hints at. It’s a perfect Pop three and a half minutes that seems to draw a line between Robyn-esque ScandiPop and that particularly American brand of summery Indie-Electro that rears it’s head as soon as the weather gets warmer. With an EBM bassline. And it all works, amazingly well; Candy ends up being an irresistibly catchy, mature slab of ElectroPop with an optimistic vibe and a a weirdly haunting lead line. We definitely want to hear more.

♫ The Singles – Candy

The Single’s Candy is out soon.

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